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Blue Shirt bakery approached us to assist them with increasing their product shelf life and product freshness. We ran a series of tests where we tested the effect that our O'Busters have on their products. The results were outstanding, every product that was tested, maintained its freshness over an extended period of time. As a result, we now supply Blue Shirt Bakery with O'Busters which keep their products fresh and customers happy.


THBC Biltong is a biltong producer. They experienced issues with the freshness of their product due to the long time period it takes to get to the customer, from when it leaves the factory. We approached them and decided to test a variety of their products under similar conditions, to what the product goes through when being delivered to a client. We found that by including an O’Buster in their gas barrier packaging, we were able to maintain the freshness of the product during the time it takes to be delivered to the client. Quality of their product was a top priority and we were so glad we could assist them with achieving the best quality with the help of our O'Buster.

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Hazelnut approached us with concerns that their sales were declining due to the quality of their seeds and nuts. According to Hazelnut the level of competition within their industry is exceptionally high. We were upset to see that their brand was taking a knock from having a product on the shelf that was not of the finest quality. So we gave them a box of O'Busters to test a selection of their nuts with, and within a few weeks, they were already able to tell us that they had received fantastic feedback from their clients!

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