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The rise in popularity of natural food preservatives

Paramount concerns about the health threats posed by the harmful effects of chemical-based food preservatives have been growing in the food and beverage industry. As a result, consumers are rapidly shifting towards natural food preservatives such as oxygen absorbers and altogether avoiding the usage of synthetic preservatives.

Fast-track lifestyles and urbanisation have influenced the food consumption behaviours of people, who exhibit a strong tendency for ready-to-eat food products. Consumption of processed and packaged food in large quantities have created a demand for an extended shelf life of food products.

As a result, O-Busters distributor for South Africa, Scotland and England; KubePac has seen an increase in the amount of food manufacturers using oxygen absorbers to preserve their food naturally rather than using chemical preservatives such as sulphur dioxide.

The manufacturers of the natural food preservatives market have started devising appropriate methodologies for producing clean ingredients to retard the deterioration of food products, which is estimated to expand the size of the global natural food preservatives market.

Growing health concerns among customers have hard pressed the governments of several countries, who, in turn, have imposed stringent regulations on the use of synthetic food preservatives and increased adoption of natural food preservatives. This is yet another strong propeller for the growth of the global natural food preservatives market.

A leading player in the South African natural food preservatives market; Kubepac has developed many relationships with clients in the food and beverage sector who have started using oxygen absorbers to preserve their food naturally and have seen exceptional results. Typically the shelf life of their products has seen an increase by up to three times considering the correct packaging has been used.

A cohort of these trends and recent developments are estimated to increase the growth of the natural food preservatives market within South Africa.

Leigh-Anne Stevenson from Kubepac believes the demand for natural food preservation methods such as oxygen absorbers will significantly increase once the big players in the market such as Woolworths, Marks and Spenser’s and Checkers start to introduce incentives to their suppliers to use natural preservation over chemical preservation methods.

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