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The Importance of O'BUSTERS in the bakery sector

O'BUSTERS play a key role in the bakery sector as they increase the shelf life and freshness of products. For Kupepac we take pride in our ability to ensure that bakery products are able to remain fresh all the time. We understand the importance of bakeries being able to sell fresh products to their clients and so we make sure with the appropriate tests that we can always recommend our bakery clients the best solution to ensure their products are able to be kept fresh naturally!

It is very easy for bakery items like cakes, pastries, etc. to get spoilt if they are exposed to air/oxygen for long durations. Oxygen exposure will completely ruin the taste, feel and aroma of the baked product and consumers will then prefer not to eat such products.

Another problem arising from overexposure to oxygen is that it allows for the growth of micro-organisms and spoilage bacteria, fungi, which turn bakery products rancid.

Ultimately, the unique selling point of bakery items is their freshness and if that is not delivered on, then sales of our clients in the bakery sector will definitely be on the decline.

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