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Packing Your Food with Oxygen Absorbers

The first step in packing your food with oxygen absorbers is to get everything setup first so that once you open the oxygen absorber bag, you are ready to seal things quick.

After you open the bag the oxygen absorbers immediately start to absorb oxygen, so you need to work fast. If you are not planning on using all the absorbers the day you open them up, may I suggest you have a small mason jar set aside.

This works best with a mason jar. This jar shouldn't be any larger than what you need to hold the excess absorbers.

You can also iron the oxygen absorber bag shut with the unused oxygen absorbers inside. This is probably the better solution if you will be using all of them the next time you open it up.

For the oxygen absorbers you plan on using during the next hour, have a zip lock bag set aside to put them in. After they are in the zip lock bag, push out all the air and zip it closed. This will work for you temporarily, but is not a good solution for long term storage of the oxygen absorbers.

Use the original bag and iron the top shut for long-term storage. At this time you should also be ready to do your packing operation.

Be sure all the food you want to preserve, the cans or buckets and mylar bags are on hand.

Once the container has been lined with the mylar bag and filled with food, place the appropriate number of absorbers on top of your food. They can go anywhere in the bag, but we like to place them on top so that when we open the bag up we know right away how many we used.

Seal the bag shut using a standard clothes iron on a high setting. Before the bag is sealed completely we like to leave a small portion unsealed, put down the iron and push out as much residual air as we can.

For more information on how to measure your packaging so you know what size o-Buster to use, please contact Leigh at

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