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Food Security and Waste

The global population is expected to increase from 6.9 billion to around 8 billion by 2030, and 9 billion by 2050.

As a result world demand for food is expected to be 77% higher in 2050 compared to 2007, mostly in developing and emerging economies in Asia.

Combined with changing food preferences, this will provide new export opportunities for the South African food industry.

To take advantage of the increasing demand for food products, farmers, fishers and food processors will have to be more productive, but with less water and a lower carbon footprint.

There will be less land available for agriculture in the future due to a range of factors, including environmental degradation, stresses linked to climate change, and competition from other land use demands such as urban development and transport.

The United Nations Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) estimates that approximately one billion people around the world are already under-nourished.

With climate change and population growth expected to increase food insecurity in the future, finding ways to reduce avoidable food waste will become even more critical.

Such as using oxygen absorbers to increase shelf life and reduce food waster.

To learn more about how oxygen absorbers eliminate food waste, please contact leigh at

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